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Application of synthetic storm technique to predict time series of rain attenuation from rain rate measurement for a tropical location
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A comparison of measured attenuation series with the attenuation series obtained from rain rate measurement by using synthetic storm technique is made for Ku band signal at a tropical location. Validity of the model is tested for the long-term statistics - the cumulative distribution of attenuation occurrence and fade duration. Applicability of the model is also shown on event by event basis for the present location. The mean absolute error is within 1 dB. It has been shown that the long term statistics of predicted rain attenuation is insensitive to storm translation speed. No significant differences are found when cumulative distributions of predicted attenuation values are compared for different data sampling interval. It has been observed that for 80% events cross corelation coefficient is above 0.85 at zero lag. © 2012 IEEE.
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JournalCODEC 2012 - 5th International Conference on Computers and Devices for Communication