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Application of non compact trie structure in plant taxonomy
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Pages: 145 - 150
Taxonomy is the science, which includes identification, nomenclature and classification of objects and is usually restricted to objects of biological origin. With the help of taxonomy we can classify all kinds of plants under plant kingdom. Besides it, plant taxonomy also gives support in number of different fields such as evolutionary sequence of characters, preservation of specimens and so on. There are different systems of Plant Classification such as artificial, natural and phylogenetic. All type of classification systems retrieves different features and on the basis of these facts, a given plant is classified in to particular systematic position. In our proposed method, we implement a non compact trie structure for systematic botany. It is because trie is a data structure that can be used to do a fast search. Therefore implementation of trie in plant taxonomy improves the search efficiency. Copyright © 2007 by the International Society for Computers and Their Applications (ISCA).
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Journal22nd International Conference on Computers and Their Applications 2007, CATA 2007