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Analytical Investigation of Nanoparticle as a Drug Carrier Suspended in a MHD Blood Flowing Through an Irregular Shape Stenosed Artery
Published in Springer International Publishing
Volume: 43
Issue: 3
Pages: 1259 - 1272
In this study, a single- and discrete-phase models are used to obtain the analytical expressions of velocity, temperature, wall shear stress and stream function, to delineate the transport characteristics of Newtonian gold–blood nanofluid flowing through stenosed artery in the presence of magnetic field. The spherical gold nanoparticles are used in discrete-phase analysis for tracking the nanoparticle in the blood flow through multiple stenoses, which is not explored so far. The effect of various flow parameters on velocity profile, wall shear stress and stream function is demonstrated through mathematically and graphically for different values of interest. The effect of nanoparticle volume fraction in the presence and absence of external magnetic field is investigated. The results demonstrate that with an increase in the particle concentration in the presence of magnetic field, the temperature of the nanofluid and wall shearing stress are increased, whereas the velocity is decreased. The significant effect of Brownian motion is observed on gold nanoparticle in discrete-phase model. This study would provide valuable information for nanoparticle distribution in a vascular artery in the field of nanoparticle drug delivery for treatment of stenotic diseases. © 2018, Shiraz University.
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