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An All-Dielectric FSS Inspired Reconfigurable Band-stop Filter
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
An all-dielectric band-stop filter has been realized using four cuboidal structures constituted of Arlon AD1000 with cylindrical holes embedded in them which exhibits insertion loss of higher than 10 dB in the frequency range 4.3-8.0 GHz. Reconfigurability is accomplished by insertion of Arlon (AD1000) based cylinders inside these holes which yields a dual band-stop response. A cross shaped FR4 structure with a cylindrical hole is inserted at the centre for conversion of band stop response into band-pass response. On addition of a FR4 cylinder into the hole in the cross, multiple stop band regions are conceived. Characterization of All-Dielectric Network Based FSS is performed by Full-Wave simulations in HFSS. © 2020 IEEE.