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Amphibolisation of orthopyroxene gabbros at Mathurapur District, Santhal Parganas, Bihar - an isochemical change (V.11, Nos. 3 and 4, 182-88, 1984) India.
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Volume: 12
Issue: 4
Pages: 304 - 306
This is a comment on an earlier paper by Mall and Prasad (1984). The author disagrees with the use of the term 'retrograde metamorphism' for the metamorphic conversion of an igneous rock to amphibolite. He questions whether it is necessary for the amphibolitisation of gabbros to bring water from the surrounding country rock rather than relying on water in the mafic igneous rocks. He also finds it difficult to accept that olivine gabbro has escaped amphibolitisation in an environment of middle amphibolite facies metamorphism and easy availability of water. Bhattacharyya's alternative explanation of the evolution of the Mathurapur amphibolites is that intrusive granites have possibly caused thermal metamorphism of gabbros, with water vapour from the granite magma facilitating amphibolitisation. The original authors feel that these comments arise mainly from the non-availability of detailed information on the area, and favour their original interpretations. -V.Gardiner
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