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AMINONET-a tool to construct and visualize amino acid networks, and to calculate topological parameters
Published in -
Volume: 43
Issue: 2
Pages: 367 - 369
AMINONET is a Java-based software tool to construct different protein contact networks (unweighted and weighted; long range, short range and any range; hydrophobic, hydrophilic, charged or all-amino-acid networks). The networks thus constructed can be visualized. The software will also help in the calculation of the values of the different topological parameters of the constructed networks. The user can either provide a PDB ID or upload a structure file in PDB format as input. If necessary, the user can also do the same for a large number of proteins, uploading a batch file as input (details described in the document available online). © 2010 International Union of Crystallography. Printed in Singapore-all rights reserved.
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JournalJournal of Applied Crystallography
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