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Ameliorative effects of high-protein diet on hepatotoxic alterations in Swiss albino mice exposed to mobile phone radiation
D. Bhattacharya, P. Biswas, , M. Sikdar
Published in Scientific Scholar
Volume: 64
Issue: 4
Pages: 258 - 264
Objectives: Nowadays, mobile phones have become a prime necessity. At present, various advance networking connections such as 3G and 4G are available in the market to get a faster service. However, these mobile phones emit harmful electromagnetic radiations which have various ill effects on different physiological systems. The present study has been done to find out the extent of damage caused by mobile phone radiation on liver cells, and, whether high-protein diet (HPD) has any ameliorative effect on such changes. Materials and Methods: Male Swiss Albino mice were divided into four groups. Two groups of animals were exposed to mobile phone radiation at global system for mobile communications like frequencies at 1.8 GHz for 3 h continuously per day for 90 days. One of these radiation exposed groups received a normal diet (containing 5% casein) and the other exposed group received a HPD (supplemented with 20% casein). The control group animals received only a normal diet, while the animals of the remaining group received only a HPD. The serum biochemical and histological parameters of liver tissues and ladder assay of hepatic DNA were studied. Results: A significantly elevated level (P < 0.05) of aspartate aminotransferase, alanine transaminase, bilirubin and serum caspase-3 levels was observed in the group of animals exposed to electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phone. Histological changes were also observed in the experimental groups. Moreover, in genomic DNA ladder assay, fragmented DNA was observed in exposed group, which is a probable sign of cell apoptosis. Recovery symptoms were observed in the animals supplemented with high casein diet. Conclusion: From the present study, it may be concluded that electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones has damaging effects on hepatocytes which may be ameliorated by HPD. © 2020 Published by Scientific Scholar on behalf of Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology.
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JournalIndian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
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