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A survey of recent intrusion detection systems for wireless sensor network
T. Bhattasali,
Published in
Volume: 196 CCIS
Pages: 268 - 280
Security of Wireless sensor network (WSN) becomes a very important issue with the rapid development of WSN that is vulnerable to a wide range of attacks due to deployment in the hostile environment and having limited resources.Intrusion detection system is one of the major and efficient defensive methods against attacks in WSN. A particularly devastating attack is the sleep deprivation attack, where a malicious node forces legitimate nodes to waste their energy by resisting the sensor nodes from going into low power sleep mode. The goal of this attack is to maximize the power consumption of the target node, thereby decreasing its battery life. Existing works on sleep deprivation attack have mainly focused on mitigation using MAC based protocols, such as S-MAC, T-MAC, B-MAC, etc. In this article, a brief review of some of the recent intrusion detection systems in wireless sensor network environment is presented. Finally, we propose a framework of cluster based layered countermeasure that can efficiently mitigate sleep deprivation attack in WSN. Simulation results on MATLAB exhibit the effectiveness of the proposed model in detecting sleep-deprivation attacks. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.
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JournalCommunications in Computer and Information Science