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A Review on of the Subspecies of Dremomys lokriah (Hodgson 1836)
P. Chatterjee, K. Chandra,
Published in Springer
Rodent research became less explored in India for the last few decades, leaving an immense information gap on each species. Most of the known rodent species in India are data deficient on the aspects of taxonomy as well as on ecology. Past studies on the species Dremomys lokriah revealed a number of miss-concluded information. Present study delineated the subspecies of D. lokriah based on pelage colouration, cranial features and multivariate analysis using the data available in the literature. Current review suggests eight valid subspecies for the species D. lokriah throughout the world. Six subspecies of D. lokriah are distributed in India. New sets of identification keys for the Indian subspecies of D. lokriah has been prepared. Present study re-establishes D. l. subflaviventris as a valid subspecies. Present study revealed a known valid subspecies D. l. bhotia to be miss-concluded as a synonym to D. l. lokriah and was lost in the literatures of past few decades. © 2021, Zoological Society, Kolkata, India.
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