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A review on graphene-based materials as versatile cancer biomarker sensors
S. Basu,
Published in Higher Education Press Limited Company
Volume: 14
Issue: 4
Pages: 353 - 372
Early detection of cancer has multitude of advantages like early diagnosis, reduced risk, ease in the treatment and follow up of recurrence. New and developed techniques are always under research to control the spreading malignancy. Graphene is an emerging star in biomedical field as it exhibits exceptional thermal, electrical and optical properties. Here, we review application of graphene-based materials in developing biosensing devices for the detection of different cancer biomarkers at concentrations down to sub-toxic levels. Different analytical methodologies chosen for sensing have been undertaken and their performance and background have been discussed. The trend of use of these methodologies can also be perceived from the graphical data presented. © 2020, Higher Education Press.
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JournalFrontiers of Materials Science
PublisherHigher Education Press Limited Company