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A new multi-focus image fusion method using principal component analysis in shearlet domain
Published in Association for Computing Machinery
Volume: 26-27-February-2015
Pages: 92 - 98
The multi-focus image fusion used to produce a single image where the entire view is focused by combining multiple images taken with different focus distances. Here we present a concept for multi-focus image fusion using Principal component analysis (PCA) method on shearlet domain. Our proposed concept works on two folds, i) transform the source image into shearlet-image by using shearlet transform (ST), ii) use of PCA model in low-pass sub-band by which the best pixels in smooth parts are selected according to their arrangement. The composition of different high-pass sub-band coefficients achieved by the ST decomposition are realized. Then, the resultant fusion image is reconstructed by performing the inverse shearlet transform (IST). The experimental results, show that our proposed technique can tender enhanced fusion results than some existing methods in the state-of-the-art. This comparative assessment done in the lights of qualitative and quantitative measurements in terms of mutual information and fusion matrix QAB/F. Copyright 2015 ACM.
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