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A New Hole-walled Multi-core Fiber for Space Division Multiplexing for Improved Performance
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 121 - 123
The need for the enhancement of channel capacity of optical fiber, space division multiplexing (SDM) transmission fibers-such as the multicore fiber, the multimode fiber and the few-mode multicore fiber, etc.,-have been researched for long-distance communication system. In this paper, a special type of homogeneous multicore fiber structure is introduced and the array of holes is placed between each core. The normalized propagation constant, mode field diameter (MFD) of LP01 mode of this structure are studied here. The empirical relation between normalized propagation constant and V number of LP01 mode of a single core single-mode fiber is compared with simulation results of LP01 mode of a multicore fiber. The mode field diameter of MCF is derived by noting the beam radius where the intensity drops to 1/e2 of the intensity on the beam axis. The theoretical prediction match well with COMSOL results. These results are useful for the investigation of the detailed characteristics of different types of MCF. © 2020 IEEE.