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A high-Si, high-Ca spinel-like phase from mantle peridotite: A report from Cretaceous ophiolite of Rutland Island, Andaman-Java subduction complex
T. Pal, , A. Bhattacharya
Published in
Volume: 97
Issue: 7
Pages: 1081 - 1088
We report here exsolved phase with unusual composition (SiO2: 14-22 wt%, CaO: 4-10 wt% and Cr2O3: 17-21 wt%) from mantle peridotite of the Cretaceous ophiolite of Rutland Island in the Andamans. This high-Si, high-Ca bearing spinel-like phase occurs in two modes as fine blebs (<1-3 μ) within exsolved blebs of diopside and fine lamellae (<1-7 μ) within the orthopyroxene host along with lamellae of diopside and Cr-spinel. The BSE image exhibiting a tonal character as well as the chemistry intermediate of Cr-spinel and diopside suggests that this phase exsolved from pigeonite at an intermediate stage before the exsolution of fine lamellae of Cr-spinel and diopside in the orthopyroxene host.
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