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A Hierarchical Graph Model for Disease Identification Based on Basic Symptoms
A. Seal, A. Patra, R. Saha, R. Roy,
Published in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Pages: 601 - 605
Medical data analysis is an important area of research in computational science. Many methods are proposed to carry out the analysis. In a country like India medical facility is not available in many rural areas due to the lack of doctors or hospital facilities. Therefore the people don't get the proper medication rather the fake doctors (quarks) gave them wrong medications. This is a big problem for the rural areas of many countries including India. However due to the rapid growth of internet and mobile phones, people in rural areas are accessing the internet regularly and habituated to the use of it. Therefore if an interactive medical system is given to them in the form of apps they can use it easily. In this research work a graph model based system is proposed where the people can give simple symptoms to diagnose their diseases. A hierarchical graph named as 'Hierarchy Graph for Disease Identification' (HGDI) is proposed for this purpose. This could be implemented in apps /software for real life usage. © 2020 IEEE.